Digital Portfolio Page 4: Journalism Adviser

Adviser: Diablo Valley College (Spring 2019)

Some of our JACC award winners
  • Published new stories five days per week
  • Students produced video news stories and podcasts
  • Printed 3,000 copies of semester magazine
  • Attended JACC regional conference in Sacramento
  • 10 JACC awards for students during semester
  • Six California College Media awards

Adviser: Contra Costa College (Fall 2020)

Our Advocate meeting to celebrate the Pinnacle Award
  • Transitioned from print to online-only
  • Published new stories five days per week
  • Students produced digital graphics and videos
  • Attended two virtual conferences (College Media Association and JACC)
  • Conducted all meetings and class sessions online
  • The Advocate awarded first ever Two-year Website Pinnacle Award from College Media Association (National award)
  • Two JACC Meritorious Enterprise News Story Awards
  • 15 combined JACC and CMA awards earned by students during semester

Recruitment: BAMN – By Any Means Necessary

  • Digital and print fliers
  • Classroom visits
  • Emails to English/Drama/Multimedia/Film classes
  • Affiliations/outreach with campus groups (Umoja, Film club w/ Kevin Smith)
  • Attending campus events
  • YouTube Videos

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