Do the Right Thing: On killing Hitler, making choices and immigrant family detentions

Before Nazis became socially acceptable again in recent years, they used to make the best villains. Surely, a legion of genocidal war criminals in snappy black uniforms were indefensible – they murdered millions of innocent people! They practiced ethnic cleansing! Who could defend these guys?

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A little about Venice; and a lot about my dad

(This was written March 22)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad.

It makes sense: the anniversary of his death was less than a month ago. But the strangest thing about my father’s passing is how long it took to affect me.

Maybe it’s the softness that develops with old age. Since I’m now an ancient 33 years old (the same age Jesus was when he was crucified), I’ve definitely started getting sappier. Like, cry-during-a-pasta-commercial sappy. OK, so that hasn’t actually happened, but there are a variety of situations that will result in tears now.

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50 Hours in Texas: A Quick Ballpark Detour

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a deals problem. It’s very difficult for me to resist a great deal, especially if it’s something I want. I own so many Xbox 360 games I will never play, simply because they were too cheap to pass up.

Well, that mentality got me into a little adventure last weekend. I was presented with a deal I simply couldn’t refuse: $78 roundtrip to Dallas from SFO. I’ve never been to Dallas. And I’m #blessed enough to have a great schedule; I only teach Mon-Wed. Continue reading “50 Hours in Texas: A Quick Ballpark Detour”

Although we’ve come, to the end of the road…

Still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural! I belong to baseball; baseball belongs to meeeeeee….

(This post was written Monday morning)

Fear and Loathing in America’s Heartland has come to an end, as I sit here sipping Diet Coke and waiting to board the plane back to San Francisco. Guess who has to teach a class in Pleasant Hill in 15 hours? The guy who says to sleep when you’re dead (me). Let’s hope I can sleep on the plane this time. Continue reading “Although we’ve come, to the end of the road…”

All Good Things Must End (Jordan Guest Blog 2)

Every road trip brings memorable moments, memories that you take and treasure the rest of your days. 

Except for this one. 

I joke. I joke. I kid. I kid. These past five days have been a flurry of baseball games and deep conversations on open interstates. Alzheimer’s is going to have to work like hell to delete this from my hard drive.  Continue reading “All Good Things Must End (Jordan Guest Blog 2)”

Moon over Parma

Apparently, I can’t sleep on airplanes, no matter how hard I try. I shut my eyes for about an hour before awakening to light streaming in through the airplane windows. And once the sun is up, my heart starts pumping a little faster and the adrenaline kicks in. Also, there were babies on the plane. Guess how a red-eye flight goes with babies? AWESOME. Continue reading “Moon over Parma”